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• Only 2.6% of Global 500 businesses have female CEOs

• Less than 3% of venture funding goes to female founded businesses

Female leaders and business owners all over the world face a number of barriers, and the lack of funding and access to higher positions are just a few of them. Women are held back by gender inequality, cultural norms, care responsibilities, inadequate support systems, and mental barriers such as fear of failure.

Nudge Me is on a mission to elevate women and their businesses, despite the systemic barriers we are exposed to. We want every woman to dream big and feel empowered to achieve their personal and professional goals.
Liisa Vurma

Hi! I am Liisa, the founder of Nudge Me.

Working with a great coach can create amazing transformative changes in your life. But I also know that one negative experience with a coach can put you off seeking help for years.

Finding a good coach is a bit like dating - many people are not going to suit you. But if you find a good one, magic happens.

I have always worked either for myself or in small organisations with minimal (if any) budget for my professional development. Combine that with my hesitation to ask for help, I’ve spent most of my life trying to figure things out for myself.

About half a decade ago I went through a difficult time in my life. I struggled to perform at my job while becoming a single mother and going through a divorce. As I live on the other side of the world from my family who are all in Estonia, I felt completely alone. This was the first time in my life when I realised that I couldn’t do everything on my own and that I needed some external support.

I didn’t get much help from my employer so I started reaching out to people around me. Two important people emerged, a therapist and a leadership coach, who completely shifted my thinking and enabled me to come out stronger at the other end. I quit my job, followed my passion for working with startups, and started a new family.

So far, I consider these years as the most profound developmental period of my life during which I completely reassessed myself, my relationships, my career and how I show up in life.

Now, being a female business owner, I make sure that I surround myself with people whose passion is to elevate women and their businesses.

The coaches on our platform and their work are truly inspirational. It is my sincere wish that you are able to find your fit and work with a coach who can help you live your dream.

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